Introducing Tom Lyons, Global Connections, Inc. CEO

Tom Lyons 2

Behind every successful business is a gutsy entrepreneur. At the helm of Global Connections, Inc. is Tom Lyons. The road to success has been adventurous, and Tom is ready to share his insights with you.

Before he does that, here’s a little bit about the person.

It is Tom Lyons’ drive and determination that took him from a door-to-door salesman for what was then just a buying service in 1975 to the CEO of what is now Global Connections, a respected and leading travel club in the highly competitive travel and leisure industry.  His vision for bigger, better products and services allows Global Connections to continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of an increasingly intelligent consumer.

Global Connections opened its doors in 1996 with a mission to provide people the ability to travel and vacation so they could make memories to last a lifetime. To achieve this mission, Tom develops travel club memberships to meet different needs. For a travel club to really travel, Tom Lyons made sure there were quality places to go.

In 2004, Tom ventured into resort development. His current portfolio includes properties in Daytona Beach, FL; Huntington Beach, CA: Gatlinburg, TN; Dunedin, FL and Orlando, Florida. His property management divisions oversee the operations of these properties while acquiring additional vacation condo weeks from trusted industry travel partners. Plus, his travel agency secures cruise vacations, tours and more to round out the vacation styles.

Today, Global Connections sends thousands of families on vacations, all thanks to Tom Lyons’ vision and dream.

You’ll learn more about his journey as Tom begins to share insights into his success and his vision for the future.

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