What is it Like to Host a Global VIP Cruise?

Preparing for an exclusive Global VIP Group Cruise wine-tasting with the Sommelier, Chris Cribb.

Preparing for an exclusive Global VIP Group Cruise wine-tasting with the Sommelier, Chris Cribb.

When the Global VIP Cruise set sail to Alaska on June 23, 2013, first-time cruiser and Condo Fulfillment Supervisor, Tina Hill, was onboard with Travel Manager, Lori Smith. As a Global Connections Host, Tina was tasked with making sure the 52 Global Connections cruise passengers had an amazing experience.

We wanted to know. What is it really like to host a Global VIP Cruise?

In a word, Tina described the trip as eye-opening. Not only did she learn about cruising, she found out firsthand how Global Connections helps our guests use their travel benefits.

After her Alaska cruise, Tina can share a few tips on this form of travel. She highly recommends that you read your daily itinerary provided by the ship. This document lets you know what is happening onboard as well as providing times when you can disembark to go to a port.

If you don’t like long lines, Tina recommends you wait. All it takes is about an hour for lines to thin for ease of getting off the boat and into your port of call

Finally, her last tip is to always have your photo ID and your room card key. That’s how the cruise staff check to make sure you’re boarding the right vessel after visiting a port.

For the guests, Tina said the Global Connections Hospitality Desk was used by Global guests daily. Tina and Lori were at the desk, providing a place for the group passengers to get advice and answers to their travel and cruise related questions.


“Every day people came by to ask for help, some of them weren’t even in our travel group,” says Tina. “There was another travel company on board with a group, and their guests stopped by remaking how they wished their group had the same perk.”

This Global VIP Cruise to Alaska featured Sommelier, Chris Cribb, who held two private wine tastings and a lunch featuring different wines from around the world. Complimenting these events was a cooking demonstration with the ship’s head chef. Each event was well attended and the Global guests had a memorable experience.

“Our passengers had the best time. They brought their new friends they met onboard to meet us. Global Connections really shined on the ship,” she says.

Cruise vacations are a popular form of travel and Global Connections books cruise cabins every day. If you’d like to learn more about cruising, call the Global Connections Travel Agency at (913) 498-0960 or toll-free to (866) 467-9007.

Global Connections, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded travel company employing qualified travel agents. Headquartered in Overland Park, KS, the corporation is an associated member in good standing with ASTA, ARC, ARDA, CLIA, C.A.R.E., IATA and VRMA.

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