Five Ways a River Cruise is Right for You

Cruising along the Rhine, Germany

There is more than one way to cruise, and one of the best kept secrets in vacationing is becoming more popular by the year: river cruises. Global Connections Travel has several river cruises available that offer a significantly different experience than their ocean counterpart, but how do you know if it’s for you?

Here are the top five reasons to embark on a river cruise:

1. The Scenery

The intimate surroundings of a river have their advantages, especially when the scenery changes no matter which direction you’re looking.  If you prefer viewing landscapes, a river cruise gives you a unique non-stop panorama of the surrounding land. It also makes river cruises better options for those susceptible to seasickness because the waters are much calmer.
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2. It’s Adventure Time

You will not be bored. River cruises won’t allow it. Depending on the ship, you’ll have all the basics including a gym, spa, internet café and a bar. But the highlight of your vacation will be the daily excursions, which are as entertaining as they are educational.

For example, one of the cruises you can reserve with Global VIP Vacations takes you through the heart of Dixie along the Mississippi River. Here, you can explore vibrant cities that helped shape the history of American music, making stops in Memphis and New Orleans just to name a few.
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3. See Deeper, Not Wider

Have you ever wanted to explore ancient vineyards and gaze upon hidden castles well off the beaten path? During a river cruise, your guide will lead you to relatively unseen towns, monuments and treasures. You’ll make several stops during your journey and find out more about history and culture of an area. A city is defined by the details, after all, and you’ll get a much more immersive experience with a guided tour.
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4. Likeminded Community

River cruises are much more social when it comes to interacting with other guests and the crew. These ships are significantly smaller than that of an oceanic cruise, and it can seem more relaxing to some without endless forms of entertainment and hoards of strangers. It’s easier to connect with the staff and guests who share your same interests.
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5. Pricing

Though it looks misleading, one big difference you’ll see with river cruises is the all-inclusive pricing up front. Meals, beverages and excursions are all included, so you won’t feel nickel and dimed during your stay.
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So now that you know the difference between an ocean cruise and a river cruise, take a look at our Global Connections Travel deals and call your Cruise Consultant today at 800-879-7779!

Have you ever been on a river cruise? Let us know your experience in the comments below!