Kids Bring Life to Global


Near the end of Bring Your Child to Work Day, a couple of girls shared their works of art with as many people as they could find.

“Party even at work,” their masterpiece said.

These uplifting moments show how having kids at Global Connections Inc. makes the workplace so much fun. Plus, it introduces them to the world of grown-ups.

“I hope the children are learning a little bit of what it’s like to work in an office,” Michelle Washburn, Director of Human Resources, said.


From stamping envelopes and making photocopies to finger-painting and watching Frozen, the kids were given the royal treatment. A group of employees treated them to lunch and the kids even decorated flags that we’ll use for Kansas City Corporate Challenge.

This day was all about them, and that goes back to the core values of the company.

“Family is really important to Tom Lyons and Global,” Leslie Castro, Human Resources Administrator, said.

New bonds were made between children and adults alike. As the youngsters connected over arts and crafts, employees learned more about each other so that work can seem like more of a party.

“Anytime we bring in any social event, especially with people’s kids, it bridges different relationships you wouldn’t know you could have,” Washburn said. “You have better work relationships if you get to know people.”