POI: Brooke Maynard—Resort Manager & Singer


We’ve got some great people who work at Global Connections, Inc.! Last time we featured Eric Stout’s board breaking skills. This month, we invite you to discover a new Person of Interest, with the musical stylings of Mr. Brooke Maynard.

When Brooke isn’t managing Sea Shells Beach Club, he’s writing and recording songs. This Maryland native wrote his first song at 15 and had a successful band playing hundreds of shows before coming to Florida.

“My band was called Power Movement Project. We were together for five years, playing six nights a week in Maryland, New York, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. It was a great way to make a living,” says Brooke.

While the band is no longer together, Brooke still sings under his stage name, Blacksmith. At the New Year, he set a personal goal to be in studio every week recording until he has 10 songs of his own, without any guest appearances.

His instrumentals come from musicians he had either performed with in the past or from production companies he has built relationships with over the years. The writing process for Brooke is basically listening to the instrumental and creating a subject or topic of interest and from there putting together the verses and chorus.

Brooke 2

Brooke is not only a singer, he can also play bass guitar, just like his father. He shares fond memories of growing up listening to his Dad’s gospel band as his inspiration to write positive music.

“My father turned half of our two car garage into a recording studio. Every Saturday I’d wake up to live instruments and gospel singing coming out of our open garage doors. It was a great way to start my day,” he explains.

Now that Brooke doesn’t have the pressure of writing music for an audience, he’s free to write and record songs he likes. The process of having a thought manifest into a song is what he enjoys most about the creative process, saying he’s cool just listening to it in the car.

You’ll be able to hear Brooke right now. His band recorded four albums, you can listen to one of the Reggae albums on https://myspace.com/pmp/music/songs.