Top 5 Ways to Sail Smarter


Just because it’s a vacation, you’re still responsible for your own health and safety. Global Connections Travel offers up these suggestions so you can stay safe while having fun at sea.

  • Book your cruise vacations through a trusted travel professional like Global VIP Vacation’s full-service Travel Agency. These professionals can help you through the entire travel planning process before you set sail. And more importantly, they can help if there is a problem with your trip.
  • Keep a photocopied packet of your passport, credit cards, insurance information and driver’s license at home or with trusted family or friends. If you lose it, you have someone who can access information when you need it.
  • Attend all mandatory safety drills and listen carefully to instructions onboard, pay attention and ask questions.
  • Familiarize yourself with your surroundings, including exits, evacuation stations, stairways, and location of life vests.
  • Inform the ship’s staff of any special requirements you may have such as food allergies.

In short, do what you would do every day to ensure your health and safety and your Global Connections Travel cruise will rock!

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