7 Ways to Score Free Drinks at Sea

iStock_000010922718MediumVacation is for indulging, and if spirits are your game, there’s no need to break the bank at the bar if you follow these cruise booze tips.

The experts at Global Connections Travel know how it’s done. Check out these ideas!

All-You-Can-Drink Package: It may sound basic, but if drinking is going to be a priority, consider the bottomless drink package. Aside from the unlimited drinks, you also know ahead of time how much you’re spending on alcohol. If you tip well, in cash, chances are you can finagle stronger drinks.

Customer Loyalty Pays: When it comes to free pours, cruise lines can be generous toward repeat customers. Increased loyalty rewards in the form of free drinks can come as a complimentary champagne brunches, free wine tastings, package goods deals, or open-bar nightly cocktail events. But you have to sail often!

Find the Party: From a captain’s cocktail party to a farewell fun party, many cruise lines offer complimentary drinks at these special events – you just have to find the party to take advantage!

Who Doesn’t Love Art (especially when it’s accompanied by free drinks)? At-sea art auctions and free sparkling wine are usually found together – you can bid, buy or pass and still enjoy a free libation.


It’s a Twofer! Some bars on board have time-limited drinking specials during happy hour, like hour-long BOGOs. Be sure to check the daily newsletter for times and places.

Wanna Bet? At sea (unlike on land) you won’t get complimentary drinks just for splashing chips or plunking pennies into the casino slots, but you might if you sit down and play. Some cruise lines begin to comp drinks for regular players after they’ve amassed a certain amount of points.

Take Me to the River: River cruises, if offered, are often liberal with the rules for bringing liquor on board. Most river cruise lines include wine and beer, often locally sourced, with your evening meal.

Now that you’re armed with all this sauce-savvy advice, you’re ready to party on your next Global Connections Travel cruise!

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