POI – Micah K. is Facing the Storm in Cabo


When Micah King, Condominium Consultant, was walking through the Cabo San Lucas colonies on one of his many trips to aid the struggling community, he saw a boy wearing a shirt. Not just any shirt, a shirt that said “Blue Springs High School,” a shirt that Micah donated three years earlier.

Whenever you donate to a cause, you usually give your money to an organization and that’s the end of it. You never see your dollar used in the literal sense, so it’s difficult to know the true effect of your donation. But Micah, who visits Cabo every year, sees the effects of his donations almost every time he visits.

“You have your own clothes in a bag in your basement for a year because you don’t know what to do with them,” he said. “But then you give it away and you see it two or three years later, not even being worn by the same kid you gave it to. It’s kind of humbling.”

Micah first visited Cabo in 2002 with a group of friends, working with non-profits to help feed and clothe the residents who live in the worst conditions you could imagine: cardboard houses, leaking roofs, no running water and worse. He has been to Cabo 18 times since, but after the recent hurricane that ripped through the Caribbean, the community needs help more than ever.

“This isn’t something that’s just going to go away,” Micah said. “It was bad before the hurricane, and now there is so much of a need, ten times more now. Usually we raise around $10,000 for the entire year. We’ve actually raised $11,000 in the past three or four days.”

Getting the help to them is an even bigger problem. Since the hurricane, Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club have all been looted to the point where people are looting homes. It’s like a warzone. Conditions have degenerated so much that it’s almost impossible to find a plane that will fly into the country.

But Micah, along with his wife, will be flying to Cabo in the next couple of weeks by themselves to do whatever they can to help. Having grown up traveling with his parents all over the world for various causes, this should come as no surprise.

His father, Mike, is President and CEO of the youth ministry program Youthfront, which was prevalent in his childhood. Micah has assisted in about 30 different countries, such as working in orphanages in Romania and working in coffee houses that would take care of battered women in Israel.

But this trip to Cabo is one of the more extensive causes for which he has fought. Micah has a few churches and shelters helping with donations, but for the most part, this was all his own doing.

“I kind of went rogue on it and said I’m going to do this just for the people who need it most,” he said. “They had no food, they didn’t have anything before and now they definitely don’t have anything. So I’m just going to do it for them.”

If you want to donate to aid these families, visit the new fundraising website Micah helped put together.

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