Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

In today’s technology age, some say the personal touch is lost. At Global Connections Inc, we pride ourselves in keeping the personal touch alive and well, especially through our full-service travel agency.

What can your travel agent do for you? Our Global travel experts offer some key points to consider about the value of having an experienced professional on your side to ensure happy travels.

1. Putting Their Experience to Work for You
Simply put, they know more than you do. Each agent on the Global Travel team averages about 21 years of experience!  Agents use those years of client feedback as well as their own professional networks to provide assistance you can’t get on your own.

“What happens if your flight is cancelled, delayed, missed or there is some other problem that is out of your control?” Pam George, Global Travel Consultant, asks. “As long as we have made the reservations, we can help get a travel emergency back on track or even help our clients get an early flight out of their resort should an emergency arise.”

2. DIY Isn’t for Everyone
Sure, some people enjoy the hours of independent research. If you’re not one of them, stop searching blindly on the Internet for hours, days, or even weeks to try and build your dream vacation. Let your agent do the travel planning leg work with your personal needs in mind.

“One of the things we can do is give you the best prices that are available to us on the things you’ll need during your vacation – air, car, hotels and much more – which may not be available to someone planning on their own,” Global Travel Consultant Cindy Coday said.

3. Money Back in Your Pocket
In addition to time, your agent can also save you money. Coday points out that agents can bundle some destinations with air, car, hotel, and more for better pricing when they are booked together and that savings is passed along.

4. Uh-Oh Protection
The last thing you want in the face of travel surprises is the added stress of figuring out how to fix them and keep vacation fun from becoming vacation fail. Whether it’s suggesting and arranging alternate travel or connecting you with the right people in your locale, your agent can step in and fix things if your trip goes awry.

George points out that one of the most prevalent issues her department sees is the complication caused by so many recent airline mergers.

“Agents are up-to-date and knowledgeable about industry complications. We do the work on our end to make sure they have all the details and information they need before they travel,” George said.

Between your money and valuable time, travel could be your biggest discretionary investment in any given year. Your Global Connections Inc travel experts are standing by to take the trepidation out of travel.