Travel Agency Helps International Travelers With CIBTvisas

Visa application

Getting your passports and visas can be overwhelming, especially if you’re planning a vacation at the same time. But the pros at your Global Connections Travel Agency can help take out all the hassle!

Our full-service Travel Agency has partnered with CIBTvisas for discounted service fees whenever you need a passport or visa. Tell your agent what you’re looking for and they will give you an exclusive discount code to use with CIBTvisas, the leading provider for passports and visas in North America.

With the pile of documents you might need to travel into another country, a little help can go a long way. CIBTvisas gives you an easy-to-read guide of what you need for each country.

CIBTvisas will take care of the paperwork and make sure that everything is correct. They can also process a passport in as little as a day, much faster than you’ll find anywhere else. Pricing will vary depending on location and how quickly you need your documents, so planning ahead is highly recommended. Don’t know if a visa is required to enter the country you’re visiting? They have you covered.

Each country has different regulations for entry into their country. For example, you only need a passport to get into Mexico, but places such as Brazil, China and Russia require visas and require extensive paperwork. If that’s more than you want to tackle by yourself, you have this service to lighten the load. Just make sure you ask your travel agent about your destination’s travel policies.

What’s more, their website tells you everything you will need to know when traveling to your international destination, from special forms to vaccinations to where to rent a cellphone. CIBTvisas has the most the up-to-date requirements, which is why we suggest taking advantage of their resources even when you aren’t using their services.

If you need a passport or a visa when traveling internationally, your Global Travel Agency has all the resources you need to make leaving and re-entering the country as easy as possible. For more information on international vacations, call us at 800-879-7779. If you need a passport and want to do it yourself, that’s fine, too! Just head over to the closest passport agency near you.

Do you encounter many problems when applying for a passport or visa? Let us know in the comments.