Traveling Solo? Cruise Lines are Expanding Their Single-Guest Offerings

Solo ventures are becoming more commonplace among travelers and cruise ships are catching on. Now with the uprising of Singles Cruises, you’ll always feel like you belong, even among strangers.

Global Connections Travel guests ask us about single-guest accommodations when family members can no longer travel, friends aren’t around or schedules conflict. There are many reasons why you would find yourself in a position to travel alone, but it shouldn’t result in you staying home.

Traveling solo, especially on cruise ships, has recently seen a big boost in popularity.  The biggest complaint we’ve heard is that solo travelers don’t want to sleep in the same cabin as a complete stranger, which is completely understandable.

But now many cruise lines have outfitted their cabins for single travelers, giving you more incentive to take a personal vacation. Better yet, you aren’t paying for a bed that you won’t be using.

Cruise lines such as Norwegian and AmaWaterways have deals specific to the solo traveler, and many others are following suit. Norwegian plans to unveil a new ship later this year, the Norwegian Escape, that will have more than 80 studio cabins. That should show you how popular these single cruises are becoming.

7243182So what does a Singles Cruise entail? Think of them like our Global VIP cruises, with pre-planned get-togethers for likeminded people to enjoy food and drinks. Some cruise lines offer:

  • Hosts to guide you through all of the ship’s events.
  • Cocktail parties and games to meet the other single cruisers.
  • Specialized activities specifically for singles (exercise classes, wine tastings, training courses, etc.)
  • Cruise lines such as Holland America Line give you the choice to share a stateroom with another solo guest.

Depending on the cruise, you can have anywhere from 50 to 500 new friends the moment you board!

It’s definitely a big leap for a vacationer, especially if you are used to traveling with multiple people. But it’s no surprise that a majority of the guests on any given cruise ship are repeat customers. The experience can be quite addicting.

If you’ve wanted a way to travel by yourself and still be among friendly individuals, ask your Travel Agent about single-person cruising at 1.800-299.9617.

Have you ever taken part in a singles cruise? Let us know you experience in the comments below.