Take Your Child to Work Day Helps Pets in Need

20150423_133146Each year, Global Connections takes part in the national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 23, 2015, inviting employees to bring their children to experience what it’s like to work in our travel office. This year, Travel Manager Lori S. enlisted the children’s help to make toys for shelter pets.

The kids started the day with some light manual labor: stamping, making photo copies, filing. It’s not just a free pass to miss school, this was a day to learn about the reality to come—working! That was until lunchtime and the fun was officially underway.

Lori found three easy Do It Yourself projects online including Fleece Cage Pom Poms for cats, and for the dogs, DIY Dog Rope Toy and DIY Dog Bottle Toy. Travel agents helped get materials ready, including strips of cloth and fleece, and collecting empty water bottles.


And after lunch, Lori enlisted Stacey G., Creative Director and animal lover, to teach the kids how to make the toys. The pomp poms, rope and bottle toys will be donated to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and Hard Luck Hounds.

“Everyone at Global Connections knows I have a soft spot for animals. I actually foster dogs for the Humane Society of Great Kansas City and adopted a puppy mill breeder dog from Hard Luck Hounds,” says Stacey. “I thought Lori’s idea this year was wonderful! We kept the kids entertained with fun crafts while providing homeless pets with something to distract them during their stays in a shelter.”

On this April day, the children of Global Connections learned a little bit about working at a leading travel and leisure company, and a lot about helping pets in need.