The Hot Dog Games Are Coming

headerJuly 17 will be the most epic COA event in years. The Hot Dog Games! What remains the same? Like the Hot Dog Derby of year’s past, you can purchase one hot dog, bag of chips, a drink and a raffle ticket for $5 (additional dogs $1), proceeds benefiting Project Walk. What’s New?

The Hot Dog Games.

We selected one tribute by random drawing from Global Connections Corporate Office’s 12 Districts (departments). The chosen few are challenged to one match in a fight to the end with marshmallow or Nerf® guns, Ninja crackers or whatever other “safe” weapons. The weapons will be placed in the middle of the grass, with tributes in a circle, backs to the weapons. When referees signal the start, tributes race to get one weapon and the games begin. If they’re ‘shot’ with a marshmallow, hit with a cracker, or a foam Nerf® arrow or foam bullet, that’s a life.

Profiles of each tribute will be posted to our Global Discovery Vacations travel club, Vacation Quest travel club and Global Connections Facebook pages on Monday, July 13. Tributes can be “sponsored” with each Like earning them a “life” in the games. Referees will keep score and the last tribute standing will be declared the Hot Dog Games Champion!

Employees will be the true winner of this challenge. They will enter their raffle tickets by choosing the tribute they think will win. A random drawing will be made in the winning tribute’s tickets and the selected employee will receive a $50 American Express Gift Card. Additional raffle tickets are $1, and our outside offices are welcome to participate by buying raffle tickets.

And all of the proceeds raised from the Hot Dog Games will be given to Project Walk, a nonprofit, state-of-the-art spinal cord recovery center co-founded by Global Connections past Vice President of Sales, Thomas Eddy. You can donate to their cause online using Paypal.