First Ever Hot Dog Games Sizzles!


Twelve brave souls competed in our first ever charity Hot Dog Games on Friday, July 17, that raised $352 for Project Walk—Kansas City. While only one could reign victorious over the Global Kingdom, many will benefit from their sacrifice.

Reminiscent of the Hunger Games, tributes were randomly selected from each department in a reaping. The week of The Games, each tribute solicited Likes from our Global Connections and Global Discovery Vacations Facebook Pages. These Likes sponsored extra lives the tributes used when they entered the Arena, where they battled each other with a selection of marshmallow guns, ninja saltine crackers and one NERF® gun.

District 1 – Kathleen K—Executive Team
District 2 – Randy S—Accounting
District 3 – Brand M—Customer Service/Billing/Collections
District 4 – Jennifer A—Condos
District 5 – Miranda C—Contract Admin
District 6 – Jessie S—Creative
District 7 – Leslie C—Human Resources
District 8 – Dustin V—Technology Services
District 9 – Kyle L—CLR
District 10 – Liz S—Customer Relations
District 11 – Caroline G—GCI Sports
District 12 – Bridget S—Travel Agent (bravely stepping in as Marla was unexpectedly out)


The tributes gathered in the arena at 2:00 p.m. for The Hot Dog Games. After a roof-top introduction from President Tom Lyons clad in all white, the tributes were put into a circle, back to the pile of weapons. Upon the whistle, they grabbed one weapon with its ammo and the games were on! Any hit of ammo would equal a life. Referees Stacey G., Emily C., Jim R., Victoria H. and Bethany O. kept score.


As true with the Hunger Games, President Lyons threw everyone a curve ball…oon, wiping out tributes with one well tossed water balloon from the roof of the Global Kingdom. He effectively removed Bridget, Jessie and Dustin from the competition (and knocking down referee, Bethany). After much strategic battling, the field was narrowed down to three: Kyle, Randy and Liz.

The tribute with the most social media likes became the Victor—Liz! She beat out both boys and our first brave volunteer tribute gets to keep the roving trophy until the next Hot Dog Games when she can defend her title or hand off the trophy to the next champion.


As Victor, Liz also drew the name from the employee raffle. Each employee received one raffle ticket with their hot dog lunch, with additional tickets available for $1 each. Miranda C. was the winner of the $50 American Express gift card.

Proceeds from the event were donated to Project Walk—Kansas City, a nonprofit near and dear to our hearts since our own past Vice President and paraplegic, Thomas Eddy, co-founded the state-of-the-art spinal cord injury recovery center in Kansas City.

Thank you to all who participated in making the first ever Hot Dog Games a success! Many thanks to the tributes for their willingness to participate and to our generous employees who helped raise funds for a worthy cause.

May the dogs be ever in your flavor.