A Little Customer Service Goes a Long Way

mlsign2_BVGlobal Discovery Vacations Member Jacinthe B. Shares Her Great Experience

Sometimes our best laid plans go awry. Life gets in the way, and what we fully intended to do one day has to take a backseat.

Such was the case for Global Discovery Vacations Members, Jacinthe B. and her husband Dany, who are residents of Drummondville in Quebec, Canada. Passionate fans of motorcycles and biking, the couple was in Daytona Beach for Bike Week in 2011 when they decided to attend a presentation on Global Discovery Vacations. They were so impressed they bought the membership that year.

“We were really impressed by the opportunities this program offered,” Jacinthe said. “We would be able to combine our love for motorcycling and our love for vacationing in the U.S., which for us meant the sea , palm trees and fair weather for biking. After a long Quebec winter, you can’t ask for more.”

Unfortunately, because of some health problems, Jacinthe and Dany had to forego their vacationing for quite awhile. When they were finally ready to travel, she immediately thought of their GDV program.

Now the question was, where to go? Fortunately, Vacation Specialist Elizabeth Caraballo was ready to help with all of her questions and get Jacinthe and Dany booked on their dream vacation.

“Jacinthe knew she wanted two weeks on the coast within driving distance to her home in Canada,” Elizabeth said. “I sent her multiple offers. When she found one she liked, I helped her through the booking process to get her vacation condominium reserved.”

Elizabeth says her recommendation to members for getting the most out of the program is to be flexible, like Jacinthe. “Since we cannot guarantee condominiums will be available everywhere at all times, being open to suggestions that fit the type of vacation you want will yield better results.”

Jacinthe agrees. “In our case, we know we want something that is no more than a six- to eight-hour drive from home, a one- bedroom condominium that is on or at least near the beach, and access to a pool.”

“Ms. Caraballo demonstrated extraordinary professionalism,” Jacinthe said. “She was always available to help me with my searches and she demonstrated great patience in answering every email, and believe me, there were a lot! Selling a product is one thing, but maintaining good customer service is another.”

The end result? Jacinthe and Dany are very excited for their first Global Discovery Vacations adventure to Mallard Lakes Resort in Delaware, where they are booked to visit this July.

“Because this company took such good care of us, it confirms that we made the right choice for experiencing many memorable vacations to come,” Jacinthe said.