Leslie C. Experiences Two Firsts on Global VIP Dance Cruise

DSC_0139_BVFor Global Connection’s HR Administrator Leslie C., sailing away to the Mexican Riviera on the recent Global VIP Dance Cruise was a first in two ways: it was her first Global VIP cruise, and it was actually her first cruise.

Global Connections travel agents and personnel on the cruise have a goal to keep passengers happy and make sure their trip goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Leslie was recruited for the job to both add an extra pair of hands since the Travel Department is so busy and to provide the perspective of a Global Connections employee outside the Travel Department. She was joined by cruise veterans Lori S., travel department manager, and Elfie C., travel consultant.

Global VIP Cruises have a particular theme, and this one was a dance cruise hosted by Kansas City-based dance instructors Mark and Mary Harris. Mark and Mary have a following of students and dance fans that made up most of the passengers.

But VIP Cruises offer more than just a theme: Passengers also get special perks Leslie says are a big draw.

“In addition to getting dance lessons with Mark and Mary, we also offer special events for the VIP passengers including a kickoff cocktail party where everyone can meet the Global reps and other cruisers, a private dinner at one of the ship’s specialty restaurants, courtesy of Global Connections, and a farewell toast,” Leslie explained. “We had a few non-dancers on the VIP cruise that actually came just for those things.”

Global at Dinner
Probably one of the most valuable services is the concierge desk. Global Connections staff set up at certain times during the cruise to answer questions and help passengers with anything and everything they might need.

Leslie said her favorite part of the cruise was getting to know all the people. The Midwestern passengers bonded over the Royals game, and Leslie says the cruise staff was both fabulous and fascinating. “The cruise staff is from different parts of the world, and everyone had an interesting story.”

The Global gals loved the cruise ship’s staff so much they even gave them some sweet Global Connections merchandise.

What wisdom does Leslie want to leave with a first-time cruiser? “Call your bank ahead of time to make sure purchases will be approved, make sure you pack clothes for all types of weather, and don’t forget that sunscreen,” she said.

This may have been Leslie’s first Global VIP Cruise, but it probably won’t be her last.