More Members are Saving Money with the Buying Service

EMSGlobal Connections, Inc. announced that its Buying Service is seeing increased interest and usage among members. According to Tom Lyons, President and CEO of Global Connections, this service was the first membership program offered to consumers that today is as vibrant as ever.

“We’ve seen more activity in our Buying Service among our travel club members,” said Melanie Gring, VP of Strategic Alliances and Public Relations for Global Connections. “Members trust us to help them save on a variety of travel experiences so they are confident they will receive great deals from us on a wide assortment of retail items.”

According to Melanie, the service builds member loyalty by offering money saving opportunities. Called Executive Merchandising Services, this buying service leverages direct-to-manufacturer relationships to offer the best savings on a variety of items such as jewelry, electronics, furniture and household appliances.

Global Connections offers this program as well as some of its other benefits to industry partners to brand with their own identity. Non-industry companies can also take advantage of the buying service and other travel services to incorporate into their own affinity and employee programs.

“One of the most popular services offered is that of Soraya’s Creative Interiors, the preferred designer for all Global Connections’ resorts,” shares Melanie.

“Members find out about us through emails from Global Discovery Vacations,” adds Soraya Shah-Mirany, owner of the firm. “Most are looking for discounts on furniture purchases. The commercial service we offer is predominantly for Global Connections, so it is easy to go full circle with direct wholesale purchases for members seeking individual residential design projects.”

Soraya notes that the travel club members are generally really happy people, an attitude she reflects must be because of all of the vacations they go on.

“The travel club members get really excited when they find a piece of furniture in a store and then discover our price is so much lower. One particularly happy member from Illinois engaged us to re-decorate her two Florida condos after being introduced to our work through Global,” she said.

Global Discovery Vacations is a respected membership based travel club offering its 150,000 members across the United States access to condominium accommodations, cruise and tour vacations, a full service travel agency, concierge program, camping program, interior design services, and shopping discount and rebate services.

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