Florida Office Sends Care Packages to Global Kids in Military Service


For Gena C. and Heather L., the holidays were a bit harder with their boys off in the military. Heather’s son, Allijah, is in the Navy and deployed in Singapore and Gena’s son, Corey, is stationed in Ft. Riley, Kansas. Their coworkers made the holidays a little bit sweeter for the men and their comrades by donating two military care packages.

Stephanie R. decorated the boxes with a Dr. Seuss theme. The boxes were filled with goodies donated by the Clearwater office employees, including favorite snacks like Slim Jims, beef jerky and Twinkies as well as necessities like pens, paper and toiletries.

“I am really grateful for everyone’s support for our troops,” shares Gena. “Corey and his platoon were very appreciative, especially the ones who did not get leave for the holidays to see family.”

Heather adds, “Allijah and his shipmates were very happy to receive the care package with all of the goodies and the Christmas cards.”

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