POI: Crystal H. Quest for Quandary


Mount Quandary looms over Lodge by The Blue as an impending challenge for adventure-seeking visitors. The resort’s new Property Manager, Crystal H., has set her sights for the top – all 14,265 feet of it.

A lover of the outdoors herself, Crystal knew that Colorado was a special place the moment she arrived from Daytona Beach, Florida.

“I’ve always loved the beach, but I fell in love with Breckenridge,” she said. “The landscape here is just different. You have to go explore to really know!”

Having only been in Breckenridge for a month since her promotion, Crystal is excited to get out and explore. Her main goal is to tackle Mount Quandary, the 14er in her backyard, this summer.

Crystal is acquainting herself with snow-capped mountains, pine tree forests and dry air, which is almost the opposite of what she had while growing up in warm and sunny Georgia and working in Florida.

Formerly working in Guest Services at Sea Shells Beach Club, Crystal credits Global Connections, Inc. for seeing her potential and giving both her and her husband, Sean, more responsibility.

“I was really surprised, but I’m so thankful to Global Connections for giving me this new opportunity in Breckenridge,” Crystal said. “They’ve done a lot of great work on the resort.”

Even with the change of scenery, her love of camping and hiking translate well to the area. She and her husband used to go camping all over Georgia, their favorite spot being near a German-inspired town called the Bavarian Village. While they lived in Daytona Beach, Florida, the couple ventured out to several campsites nearby, of all types. Getting used to the terrain probably won’t be a problem for them.

Hiking at the Continental Divide.

And with resident hiking guide Nick W. at Lodge by The Blue there to help her along, Crystal has the envious position of attempting her first 14er. The Rocky Mountains are just several steps away. She has plenty of time to acclimate to the high altitude and she has endless territory to explore from waterfalls to forests to hiking trails.

While she waits for the weather to warm up for safe climbing conditions, she’s preparing every way she can. We have no doubt that she’ll complete her goal.

“I went for a hike yesterday at McCullough Gulch and another at the Continental Divide,” she said. “Both were really spectacular hikes! I’m getting my feet wet a little bit. Summer can’t arrive quickly enough.”

We wish her the best on her endeavor and we hope that she sees Breckenridge from 14,000 feet soon!

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