Global Perks Plus Is Here!

Global Perks Plus, designed to inspire loyalty with employees, members or customers, is a uniquely transparent interface and Global Connections’ newest product offering.

The suite of travel and leisure related products enables qualified companies to provide reasonably priced vacation options and a variety of leisure benefits to employees and customers. Fully scalable, and easy to customize, Global Perks Plus is designed to support multiple goals including increasing sales, promoting customer loyalty, and driving employee motivation.

Building customer loyalty and securing qualified employees are primary goals for any company. These basic goals can be shored up by using Global Perks Plus.

“Our experience has lead us to develop a platform that allows companies in all industries to offer exciting travel-related and leisure benefits to their members, customers, and employees,” said Frank Zawojski, Global Connections Chief Operations Officer. “Employers may now offer an added benefit to attract and retain employees. And companies may integrate the system into customer loyalty programs in numerous ways. The benefits available to users include resort condominium rentals, cruises, camping, air travel, hotel accommodations and car rentals.”

“Our team has done all the work and now we can open the door to other businesses, whether in the hospitality industry or not. Those companies choosing to use Global Perks Plus select the benefits to fit their program. The website can be seamlessly customized to match any company’s branding whether they want us to build them a site or use Global Perks Plus off the shelf and simply add their company’s logo,” added Melanie Gring, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Public Relations.

If you would like to schedule an online demonstration or for more information about Global Perks Plus, contact Melanie Gring at (561) 417-7559.

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