Travel Club Members Choose Lake Tahoe Favorite Destination in Bracket Challenge.

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In the wake of NCAA March Madness, the Global Connections social media team wanted to do their own U.S. Bucket List Bracket with Global Discovery Vacations members. The competition: What destination would our members most want to visit?

Over the course of three weeks, destinations were voted on by members through our Bucket List Bracket blog posts highlighting two areas a day. These included:

  • Smoky Mountains vs. Outer Banks
  • Daytona Speedway vs. Caladesi Island
  • Colonial Williamsburg vs. Mackinac Island
  • Disney World vs. Myrtle Beach
  • Grand Canyon vs. Napa Valley
  • Yellowstone National Park vs. Hawaiian Volcanoes
  • Vegas Strip vs. Bryce Canyon
  • Rocky Mountains vs. Lake Tahoe

“The results were both puzzling and enlightening, since the Final Four didn’t even include Disney World,” says Corey T., Content Writer and bracket organizer. “From the west side, we had the versatile landscape of Lake Tahoe versus Michigan’s historical Mackinac Island. On the east we had the impeccable Caladesi Island versus another favorite, the immense Grand Canyon.”

When the contest ended April 4, we were all stunned: Lake Tahoe out of all the destinations, was voted the favorite. Judging by the results, destinations close to water earned the most votes. Lake Tahoe happens to have mountains, too, so it appealed to a wide array of travelers.

And when we looked back, we found a whopping five Member Mondays on Lake Tahoe. That makes it one of, if not the most, reviewed places on our blog! You can see the full bracket rundown with all sorts of helpful links on our blog.

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