Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All.


Vince Lombardi said that. And when I heard those words as a young salesman reaching for greatness, I took that statement to heart. He spoke those words as a football coach, and I applied them to my sales career.

You see I realized to be successful selling, I had to stay in shape mentally as well as physically. Fatigue at any level is also mental fatigue. If you’re physically fatigued, you’re mentally fatigued and that wears on you.

When I started out in 1970, I was in my 20s going door to door trying to get in front of as many faces as I could to sell my products. This transitioned to seminars where I was in front of groups of 20 people for one-and-a-half to two hours a pop, three to four times a day. You can imagine that pace makes for very stressful, long days.

To be successful, I had to be in shape and I worked hard at fitness.

The human body functions properly when it’s finely tuned. Think of it like an engine. When your car is tuned up, the vehicle burns less gas because it needs less energy to run. The body is the same—the more you work out and eat well, the more efficient your body and mind runs so you’re better at everything you do.

biometric screening

Everything my company stands for is about improving quality of life, and if I believe this for my members, I should extend the same opportunities to my most valuable assets – my employees. I do everything I can to encourage healthy living initiatives to combat fatigue in my employees. I empower my Human Resources Department to go the extra mile and they do a phenomenal job organizing events at Global Connections.

  • Annual biometric screenings.
  • Twice annual 5Ks routed around the building to give opportunities for exercise
  • Incentives to participate in 5Ks outside of work.
  • Employees are encouraged to take breaks outside to walk together.
  • Water challenges and healthy eating training classes offer chances to learn about nutrition.

I personally join in on all of these so I can lead by example. I’ve found that a healthy employee handles stress better, is confident, works smarter and is overall happier.

As we continue to fight for good health, Global Connections is providing exceptional customer service by healthy, happy employees who enjoy what they do, which is to send people on vacation.

This article was originally posted on Tom Lyons on LinkedIn.

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