Why I Love to Meet Members.


As a business owner and resort developer, I find it’s important to visit my businesses and the properties regularly to see how things are going. Each time I visit a resort, I stay for a few days, inspect the place for possible improvements and check in with staff. When I’m there, I often run into Global Discovery Vacations members.

I love to run into members. I try to stay out of their way since they’re enjoying much needed vacation time. But more often than not, when they find out I’m there members will seek me out. When they do, I embrace the opportunities.

If I have the time, I’ll host a Meet and Greet at the resort property so the travel club members have the chance to ask me questions. Most often they want to ask questions about the membership or properties they should visit. These are so informative for me. I get the opportunity to find out what’s really happening directly from those using the benefits.

I’m not at all afraid to get in front of a group of members not knowing if they’re going to blast me for a wrong, or praise me for a right. I use their feedback to help build better experiences for the members relying on us to improve their lifestyle.

If they’re all having the same issues, I know I need to take these situations to my team and help create solutions. If they’re having amazing experiences, I want to know what they’re drawn to so we can find more ways to make that happen.

Plus, when you get a group together they share their vacation experiences with each other. I’ve found we’ve really grown a true community of like-minded people who share common goals. With Global Discovery Vacations, they find traveling and vacations are important and they are exploring their world using our travel club.

While all of my travels are enlightening, meeting members is a highlight of any trip. I’m pretty proud to report 98% of the time, they’re telling me about positive experiences using the travel club.

What I find even more amazing is how many members I meet who have friends and relatives who are members because either they referred us, or were referred. Really makes me feel good about what we’ve accomplished and built over the years—a travel club that really travels.

So if you’re ever at one of our resort properties and you see me around, please say hi. I’d love to hear from you.

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