I sell Vacations. Why Did I Give 6 Away?


Sounds counter intuitive, right? I sell Global Discovery Vacations, a vacation club, and here I am giving away vacations. Why on earth would I do that?

It really all started when my social media team held a simple contest to ask for bucket list wishes. Expecting lists of places to go, they were surprised—WE were all surprised—at the heart-felt responses that not only included where they wished they could go, but WHY.

For six members, the bucket list wish was the hope of moments to come with their loved ones. And we decided to help those that believed in our program but had yet to use the benefits for their dream vacation.


One hadn’t put his toes in the sand in 20 years. Another’s foster son longed to meet “the Disney people”. An aunt wanted to take her nephew on an amazing trip after his father’s death. And so on and so on.

Instead of choosing two winners (as originally advertised), we sent two of our team to these six members’ homes to surprise their families with a dream trip, including accommodations, airfare credits and attraction tickets.

From my office in Overland Park, I used Skype to virtually meet these members and this was such an enlightening experience. Their gratitude for the opportunity to go on this vacation really touched me personally. To see the pure joy on the innocent faces of these kids far exceeded the cost.


I can only encourage any business owner to find out what their customers long for, and try to give something away that will have a lifelong impact. Who knows? Maybe one of the Global kids who got a free trip that time their parents entered a contest, will pay it forward when they become successful.

Until then, we’ll keep making vacations affordable and hope we make more bucket list wishes come true by offering a travel club that really travels.

This article was originally posted on Tom Lyons on LinkedIn.

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