The Numbers Don’t Lie: Using a Travel Agent Can Save Money

What would you do with an extra $425? If you’re going on vacation, naturally you want as much money as possible to put toward your trip itself – food, souvenirs, attractions and more. So why lose that money on your travel planning?

According to a recent article on, using a travel agent can save you an average of $425 per trip.  So bring an extra bag – that’s a lot of souvenirs!

travel agents save moneyThe survey, conducted by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) particularly notes that “travel agents lead all other booking channels for selling river cruises and are tied with online suppliers for selling ocean cruises and tour packages.”

According to Lori Smith, Global Connections Travel Manager, river cruises are indeed becoming more popular. “We are booking a greater variety of river cruises, with more upscale cruises like Avalon Waterways and more 12-14 day trips on the Rhine and Danube,” she said.

Smith also notes that cruise bookings through the travel agency are up 32% from last year. “Caribbean sailings and short 3-5 day cruises are on the increase,” she said.

With short trip popularity on the rise, Smith says the agency is doing a steady business in all-inclusive vacation bookings, with an increase in 3-5 day trips.

Global Connections travel agents average more than 20 years in the field, which means they have the connections, the know-how and the ability to plan and execute a better vacation plan that could save their clients a lot of time and money.

Get with one of our experienced travel agents today and explore all the vacation possibilities!

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