Why I Got Pied at Global Connections and More Morale Boosting Moments.


Red Nose Day was May 26. When I was asked if I’d take pies to the face from my employees for donations, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. In fact, I liked that Comic Relief calls Red Nose Day a FUN-raiser, I am an advocate for fun in the workplace, always have been.

When I agree to take a pie to the face, I’m not just raising money for a great cause, I’m letting my staff know I’m human and approachable. Come on, what’s a better stress reliever after a long morning than tossing a pie at the boss?

This is my way to show everyone at Global Connections that I’m down to earth. I’m just an average guy with a job to do, like they have a job to do. No one is better or different than anyone else. We’re all part of the same team we just have different roles. Just because I have those three CEO letters after my name doesn’t make me intimidating or scary. I want everyone to feel like they can smash a pie right in my kisser.

Sometimes, you’ve got to put on a bra and skirt when everyone needs a pick-me-up. Let me explain.


A few years back, we were having a brutal winter in Kansas City—I’m talking three to four degrees below day after day. The weather was so nasty everyone had the winter blues. So I put on a coconut bra, a grass skirt (with shorts of course) and flip flops and hosted a Parrot Party. I greeted staff in that getup outside as they came to work handing out donuts. We barbecued burgers for lunch outside, too, and had ourselves a luau in January. Put a bright twist on a cold snap, lifting spirits in the name of good fun.

And nothing can lighten a load or break tension faster than a good old fashioned prank. I’m known to welcome new staff members with a strategically placed fart machine. I walk around the departments telling jokes to people daily. I’m also a master practical joker—filling cubicles up with packing peanuts, organizing snowball ambushes in the hallways, tin foiling office supplies—you really never know what I could be up to around Global Connections!

Why would I do all of this? To keep the place fun.

Should you do this? Well I don’t know.

I’m self-taught at what I do. I didn’t start my career in Corporate America. When I started Global Connections in 1996, we were casual Friday every day before Casual Friday was a thing—being based in the Midwest that says a lot about how different the culture was back then.

I can’t say our way is better or claim to know the best way to run a business. There are companies way bigger and more successful than mine that are suit and tie. For me, I like the casual, open door policies I’ve put into place. It’s what I envision for my company—a welcoming, crazy and fun atmosphere people like to come to every day.

This is how I chose to live my life. Complete with pies, parrot parties and pranks.

This article was original posted on Tom Lyons on LinkedIn.

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    • Hi Evan,

      Sorry for the delayed response. The Let’s Connect feature should be working now since we updated the website.

      If you still need assistance, we would be happy to have someone reach out to you.

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