Global Connections Challenges Employees to Drink H20.


The second annual Global Connections Water Challenge started June 13 when 53 employees at the corporate office in Overland Park, KS and seven at the Property Management office in Myrtle Beach, SC weighed in. So just what is this challenge?

For the next eight weeks, each employee is challenged to drink half of their body weight in ounces daily. A drink calendar was provided by Human Resources to track daily intake. On August 10, each employee will weigh in and the hope is they maintain or lose weight. If they do, Global Connections will reward those with a to-be-determined prize.

According to Leslie Castro, Human Resources Administrator, drinking water can be life changing. She notes it can prevent cancer as well as improve mood and performance. As a migraine sufferer, she especially likes that drinking enough water can prevent headaches.

“When you’re hydrated, it is possible to lose weight since you eat less. Drinking water also helps flush out waste and bacteria and revitalizes your skin,” she added.

Global Connections got involved with the water challenge in 2015 with a suggestion by health care provider, Humana. While the insurance provider for Global Connections changed in 2016, the challenge remained the same with Cigna stepping in to help with official weigh in and weigh out.

“I care very much for our employees so I’m excited to promote the water challenge again to encourage people to drink more water and be more health conscious,” Leslie said. “We all want to wish away our health problems but we need take action.”


More employees are seeing value in the water challenge, almost doubling the amount of participants from the first year. Each participating employee received a Global Connections logoed water bottle to help them reach their daily ounce goals.

If you’d like to organize a water challenge for your office, most health insurance providers can help companies plan their own water challenge. Ask yours for details.

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