We are family.


With Father’s Day right around the corner, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. Thinking about my dad and how he could command a room with his charisma. Reflecting on my two sons and how they have become amazing fathers in their own right. And I think about my staff and how blessed I am to know so many great people, many I consider family.

At work, I don’t shut myself off down the hall in a corner office. Every morning I walk around, greeting employees with a good morning or a good joke. This is how I get to know employees. And I want to know them.

My travel business is important to me. To be successful, I need the right people helping my members. They need to know I’m there to support them. And when I make them laugh, well, I can only hope that smile comes across the telephone when they’re talking to a member.


An open door policy is in full effect at Global Connections. It’s not unheard of for a manager to pop in when I’m meeting with someone else looking for advice on how to handle a situation. Maybe they hear guitar music wafting out the door and they stop by to sing a song. Or they have an idea for an event and need a fall guy. Whatever it is, I welcome the interaction and encourage my leadership team to do the same.

I can only hope my father looks down on me from the heavens and is proud of the man I’ve become. His memory is what leads me to support and guide my sons and all those who look to me for strength in life and business.

To all, a Happy Father’s Day.

This article was original posted on Tom Lyons on LinkedIn.

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