Hiring the Right People Earns Resorts Accolades.


Global Connections owns five resorts and exclusively manages another, and all of them receive awards like the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence regularly. While these resorts aren’t five star by typical hotel standards or jam packed with countless amenities, they earn the highest marks from those who stay there because of the staff.

You won’t find a lot of amenities like you do at the bigger resorts, but we still get the recognition of TripAdvisor, Booking.com and others. And that’s very telling of the atmosphere we create at our boutique resorts.

Our rooms are so clean and our staff is so friendly because of who we found to take care of the resort and its guests. They are people who really care, take pride in what they do and where they work, and treat the property as their own. They take ownership and it shows.

When we hire staff at our properties, we of course look for certain skills. Above the qualifications, we interview more about philosophy towards work. We want to know how they perceive what the job would be and look for like-minded people. We want people like us—outgoing personalities who like to engage with people.

Sea Shells Beach Club employee, Attilio, grills hot dogs for guests.

Sea Shells Beach Club employee, Attilio, grills hot dogs for guests.

The reviews I’m most happy about are the ones that share how friendly and welcoming the staff was at the resort. I’ve actually been on-site and seen amazing interactions. It is not uncommon for guests and staff to be on a first name basis within a day or two of check-in. I’ve even seen some staff taken to dinner by a guest to show their appreciation for a job well done.

That’s the beauty of having small boutique properties. The small size affords us those relationships you just can’t get at larger resorts. In fact, when I visit the resorts, I almost always have a meet and greet with guests so I can see what they think about the resort and their stay.

Resort reviews are very important. They come from guests and are heartfelt measuring sticks of the job we’re doing. They show that we are picking the right resorts with just enough amenities, and equipping them with the right interiors while putting the right staff in place for amazing vacations.

If you travel to a Global Connections resort, we encourage you to leave your reviews—good or bad. Both are invaluable to us as we continue to develop and manage vacation resorts.

And if you see me at a property, please don’t hesitate to stop me for an impromptu meet and greet. We’re looking forward to your stay.

Global Connections owns and manages Beso Del Sol, Beso Del Sol Resort, Lodge by The Blue, Sea Shells Beach Club and White Oak Lodge and Resort, and exclusively manages Bamboo Beach Club Resort.

This article originally appeared on Tom Lyons on LinkedIn.

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