Let Travel Agents Help Plan Your Honeymoon


During my first time attending a bridal show, I came in contact with hundreds of brides all in search of one thing: the travel experience of a lifetime. On the day of the show, I walked into the wedding spotlight ready to take on the day by speaking to countless couples who were all eager to start their honeymoon travels, create unforgettable memories and be able to wake up to breathtaking views with their favorite person.

Since working in the travel industry, I have learned so much about the many rising wedding destinations and how each spot caters to what couples are looking for. After speaking to soon-to-be newlyweds, many walked away captivated by Global Connections’ full-service travel agency because we have the capability to accommodate the couple’s needs and make wedding travel planning effortless.

Many couples were excited to begin their wedding travels, but did not know where or how to start. Through expertise and value pricing knowledge, Global Connections Travel agents are prepared to craft a memorable experience and minimize the workload that goes into travel plans.

For a bride, there is already so much that goes into wedding planning that it makes it difficult to also focus on honeymoon travels or possible wedding destinations. As a travel agent, we take care of that for them. It is reassuring for couples to have someone they can rely on to work with them and create an experience that will be kept close to their hearts.

For me, this bridal show was the first of many. It was refreshing to see so many eager couples ready to start this new chapter of their lives by traveling somewhere new, full of adventure and with each other. As travel agents, we look forward to making this happen many more times!

As a newcomer to Global Connections with five months in the Travel Department, Mariela is a southern-rooted native from Georgia now living under the city lights of Kansas City.

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