C.A.R.E. Conference 2016: Smart Strategies and New Ideas

CARE ConferenceWritten by Jennifer A. – Global Connections Inc. Condos Department

Nestled in the woods right on Lake Tahoe is the Hyatt Regency in Incline Village, Nevada, and this year’s location for the Fall Semi-Annual C.A.R.E. Conference. Regional Director Kelli B., Corporate Resort Liaison Chris C. and I had the privilege of representing Global Connections, where we got to experience not only the beauty of the area but also make connections and bring back important lessons.

Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) is an organization established to provide a platform for vendors like us to promote ethical and outstanding vacation services by providing education and networking opportunities. The conferences serve as a time for us to meet other vendors, network for new inventory and ideas, and discuss things going on in the industry.

Here are some highlights from conference speakers.

Jim Madrid, Advanced Sports Technology (AST)

Jim Madrid is CEO of AST, a company that works with major organizations (Nordstrom, Paramount Studios, Oakley and Lexus to name a few) to figure out what’s causing poor performance and then provide tools and strategies to help them reach their highest potential.

Jim’s message was that change is inevitable and we can either grow from it or we can let it consume us. How we handle change is up to us, but we are all capable of learning to control the way we think. As he told us, “If you change your belief, you will change your behavior.”

He also taught us that vision drives performance and if we employ habits of high performance individuals, we’ll achieve any goal we set. The habits that these types of individuals employ are:

  • Vision/Purpose
  • Written (writing goals down in present tense)
  • Realistic
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Positive Self-Talk

If we employ each of these techniques our goals won’t seem so unreachable. It can be as simple as writing them down and keeping them with you every day.

Paul Mattimoe: The Customer Experience

Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO of Perspective Group, talked about how we’re in the customer experience business, not the customer service business.

Mattimoe emphasized we shouldn’t be concerned with just the week that our members travel. Our customers need to be taken care of from the first contact with us until it’s completed. Their customer experience starts with their first phone call and isn’t finished until they’re at home reflecting on their great trip.

Chris C. Lends Panel Expertise

Global Connections’ own Corporate Resort Liaison Chris C. was part of a C.A.R.E conference panel (top photo). The panel topic was the benefits and burdens of OTAs (online travel agencies, e.g. retail sites like Expedia and Travelocity). The panel debated topics like the positives and negatives of using OTAs to sell off excess inventory, maximizing OTA listings, and upcoming government regulations and how they will affect our business.

“This panel provided a really good discussion about how different C.A.R.E. companies use these sites, and how we can increase awareness around excess weeks,” Chris explained. “For Global Connections, using OTAs is beneficial to us and our members, because they allow us to sell off the weeks our members chose not to book, which in turn pays for getting units our members want.”

There was plenty of fun too. During a networking event at a local bowling alley, your Global representatives managed to win the best and worst awards. Chris C. won the Triathlon Bowl which consisted of a game of bowling, pool and video poker, while I bowled a measly 45 to earn me the coolest last place trophy ever in the shape of a toilet!

At the end of a whirlwind three days we stepped away with strategies for self-growth, lessons to remember, and many networking opportunities to bring home to Global!