Learning around the World with Delta Vacations

senior couple on city streetSince working at the Global Connections Travel Department, I have had wonderful opportunities to attend travel conferences here in Kansas City with some of the travel agents.

My latest travel conference was in the southern city of Atlanta in my home state: Georgia. Not only was I ecstatic to be home, but I was absolutely grateful that it was my job that got me there. During my stay, I was set to encounter a fast-paced virtual class experience with Delta Vacations.

When our members are looking into travel packaged deals around the world, they are also looking to stay within a budget and get advice on places that would work best for them. Not only was I able to indulge in my love for sweet tea, but I was honored to gain a better understanding of various destinations from people who have lived there.

For your future trips, here are some fun facts I learned:

  • If you’re taking a flight to the ‘Land Down Under,’ you’ll find that Australians don’t normally pronounce the ‘R’s in most of their words. For you and me, the Australian city of Cairns sounds exactly as it is spelled. However, Cairns is usually pronounced as “cans” by true Australians.
  • For the people from Ireland, to have a ‘craic’ (pronounced ‘crack’) is a term used to suggest fun and entertainment. When the Irish ask you, “Where’s the craic?” don’t be too alarmed. It’s their way of asking you the whereabouts of a social event or any goings-on. Here in the states, you won’t be hearing the term used very loosely, but I think we all know why.
  • While most tourist attractions in the cities of the U.S. are open throughout the week, many Spanish natives would say that taking to the streets of Barcelona on a Monday isn’t highly recommended. Most top attractions are normally closed on Mondays unless the day off lands on a holiday.
  • Since the streets of Spain are very narrow, taking on cities like Madrid or Barcelona by foot is going to be your best bet when you ‘salir de marcha’ (aka, “go out”).

After a two-day learning experience, I came back to the mainland with more knowledge to fill my pockets. As for the agents and me, we are ready to dive in and send our members to places that most people only hear about.