Lyons Award Winner Susan M. is Global’s Unsung Hero

2016 global connections inc lyons awardThis year marked the 12th consecutive Lyons Award (AKA Employee of the Year), an honor given to a deserving employee who has demonstrated above-and-beyond commitment, success and attitude in their job. Congratulations to Susan M., Shipping, the winner of this year’s honor!

It’s easy for Susan to feel a little forgotten. She jokes about her unique role at Global Connections and how she is pretty much a one-woman-show who has very few interactions within the company.

So when she won this year’s Lyons Award, she was stunned.

“It really makes me feel good that I was recognized,” she said. “I work by myself and unless I mess up, I don’t hear from anybody.”

And since she rarely messes up, she rarely hears from anybody. In her 14 years working out of the Grandview, Missouri, shipping center, Susan has made the shipping department a steady force for Global Connections and its partners. The executives took notice.

So did we, which is why we wanted to know what makes her tick.

Susan was born on the East Coast, raised on the West Coast, then chose the happy medium when she moved to Missouri in 1984. She is a mother of six, including a couple grandchildren, and her family keeps her plenty busy. When she does find free time, you’ll most likely find her outdoors, camping and fishing.

Other than that, all of Susan’s passions reside in her work.

“I love two things in life: working landscaping and working logistics,” Susan said. “My jobs have fallen right into that. I get to coordinate and control everything I do here. It’s all on me. I like that freedom.”

As for the $500 she received for winning the award, we wanted to know what she was going to do with the prize.

“I think I’m just going to go on a shopping spree,” she said with a laugh.

It sounds like it was well earned!

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