Make Your Own Pot of Gold: 5 Ways to Save Money

Saving money is hard. Whether it’s for a vacation, that awesome jacket, a special gift or repairs around the house, we often have to trick ourselves into hiding our own money.

Forget the end of the rainbow, build your own pot o’ gold with these money saving tricks.

Use special occasions to let others fund your plans!

If you’ve got a long game going to save for a major purpose, ask for cash or gift cards for birthdays, graduations, and holidays that can help feather your travel fund nest.

Set up a Whatever Fund bank account.

You can transfer money every paycheck directly into the fund. Here’s the trick: If you use internet banking, keep that savings account invisible/inaccessible from your online banking page. Then you’re not tempted to access the money. Make it so you have to physically go to the bank to get it.

Sacrifice the Starbucks.

Have coffee at home, bring your lunch to work and put that money in the above-mentioned savings account! Planning meals for the week, grocery shopping and prepping on Sunday can help you save a lot in eat-out expenses.

Put Your Tax Refund to Work

If you happen to get one prior to your planned purchase, put it into a certificate of deposit that expires right before your vacation or purchase so you can’t spend it.

Sell your stuff so you can buy more stuff.

Had that half-baked plan to sell off all that unused stuff on eBay or Craigslist rattling around for awhile? Pre-purchase is the time to put the plan into action – and put all the money toward your Whatever Fund!

A little saving goes a long way toward funding a splurge-worthy moment. Plan ahead and trick yourself so you can treat yourself!

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