What to Expect from Inspections

As a Global Connections vacation property owner, your units will be subject to a yearly inspection. It’s beneficial thoroughly review your inspector’s report and make plans to address any upcoming issues they may find.

Inspections take place once a year and property owners are notified via email about upcoming inspection at least two months in advance of the inspection date.

Debbie G., Global Connections Property Management Administrator, shares her checklist so you know what is inspected during an inspection.

  • Walk through unit inspection is performed from the front door to the balcony, including the lockbox.
  • Furniture in all rooms is examined for wear and tear and working condition.
  • Appliances are all checked to make sure they are working properly.
  • Kitchen supplies are reviewed for both quantity and quality.
  • Bathrooms supplies (hairdryer, shower head, shower curtain) are inventoried.
  • All faucets are inspected for leaks.
  • Bedroom mattresses and box springs are checked for bed bug encasements and the quality of their condition is reviewed.
  • The condition of major appliances (washer/dryers) and HVAC (furnace/AC filter) will be checked.

“After an inspection, you’ll be sent a written list of any issues found,” Debbie explained. “We ask that you take care of the issues yourself or give us permission to do so within a set time frame to ready the unit for more guests.”

Remember, setting aside money in reserves will help offset the cost of any repairs or replacements that may be needed after inspections!

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