Global Travel Agents Share Bucket List Destinations, Pt. 2

As the new year continues to set in, our travel bucket lists tend to get a little longer. With the ability to send travelers anywhere in the world, the Global Connections Travel Agents each have an adventure in mind. So if you’ve ever been bitten by the travel bug, here are a couple great places to consider this year.


Eager to wine and dine in the midst of Switzerland? Jacky B. is right there with you! Situated between Germany, France, Austria and Italy, Switzerland has unparalleled landscapes that include lakes, castles, mountains and picture-worthy waterfalls.  You can find Jacky hopping onto a scenic train ride from the village of Zermatt on to the iconic landmark of Matterhorn! Only say the word, Jacky, and we’ll be there too!

An African Safari

Untamed nature. Open spaces. The wild outdoors. This is the type of natural habitat that Elfie C. is ecstatic to experience in the stretched-out lands of Tanzania and Kenya. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning in a close-tented stay, Elfie will have the chance to witness the stomping wildlife roaming wild and free. Taking an African safari means going off the beaten path and partaking in this breathtaking hidden gem.


Venturing out to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is a can’t-miss trip for Cynthia H.! Colorado offers a diverse natural landscape with high mountain peaks, meandering rivers and valleys, and even great sand dunes that’ll make you want to hike up, ski down or just wander through.


Relax and linger in the city that looks and tastes like sunshine with Pam G.! With limited tourism infrastructure, Sicily provides a great chance to stroll around with the locals who rarely see foreign tourists. It also provides black-sand beaches, a volcano to ski on and plenty of Sicilian desserts to go around!


When the weather outside is frightful, the only thing Marla D. will do is escape to Bermuda! On this island of happiness, you’ll experience the assortment of hidden coves and islets as well as the pink and yellow Bermudian beach houses. Take a walk around the island and chat with the friendly locals or enjoy a hot stone massage. You’ll find the warm blue waters and pink sand beaches of Bermuda are exactly what you need.

A River Cruise to Vietnam & Cambodia

Having traveled throughout Europe on a river cruise, Marsha C. has found new and exotic destinations! A river cruise to Vietnam and Cambodia will provide a chance for Marsha to immerse herself into the fascinating cultures of Southeast Asia. It presents the local lifestyle through Vietnamese cooking classes, traditional dance shows by children from a local orphanage and even an ox cart ride through the countryside! Save a seat for the rest of us, Marsha!

Thanks to our marvelous Travel team for sharing their favorite bucket list destinations. If you’re interested in visiting one of these places yourself, talk to one of the Global Connections experts!

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