Person of Interest: Chelsi M. Has a Passion for Fashion

Your appearance, like it or not, is your first impression. Before you even say a word – your clothes will do the talking. While some people don’t think twice about their apparel, others like Condo Agent Chelsi M. pay very close attention to what their appearance is saying.

“I’ve been into fashion for as long as I can remember,” she says. “I have always been a girly girl. That’s never changed. I love wearing anything poofy and pretty.”

That love has grown over time, to the point where she wants to start her own boutique one day. It’s an arduous process since there is a lot of saving and planning involved, but Chelsi wants to take business classes in the future. Starting a clothing boutique is her way of empowering women.

“I want women to feel confident in what they wear and who they are,” she says. “Clothing is a big part of that.”

As preparation for such a task, Chelsi took to social media to keep her pulse on the fashion industry. She follows popular fashion YouTubers and Instagrammers to stay up to date on trends. On top of that, she started her own blog, Fashion Forward 816, and YouTube channel as an outlet for her fashion fandom.

So what are some of the big fashion trends in 2017? Chelsi gave a few quick hits for women:

  • Floral patterns
  • Bell sleeves
  • Ruffles
  • Mule shoes
  • Studded shoes

For men, the current casual look is simple to pull off:

  • Polo or button-up shirt
  • Fitted pair of jeans
  • Oxford shoes

After years of shopping, Chelsi has amassed an impressive collection of apparel. She has two closets full of clothes and somewhere around 150 pairs of shoes. When it comes to mixing and matching for an entire outfit, she has a bewildering amount of options. But she does have a system to make it easier.

“Before I go to bed, I like to pick out my outfits so I’m not in a rush the next morning,” Chelsi says. “I found my outfit today on Pinterest last week, so I knew I wanted to wear that at some point. And if I get something new, I usually wear it the next day.”

A wardrobe of that magnitude doesn’t have to be expensive, either. The key to Chelsi’s fashion is buying the look, not the name brand.

“I’m pretty thrifty,” she says. “I like to find affordable clothes and shoes you would see on high street. People don’t need to spend a pretty penny to look good.”

We can’t help but appreciate Chelsi’s passion for fashion and we wish her the best in starting her own boutique!