5 Reasons Your Property Manager is Your Best Friend

View of a vacation condo in tropical settingYou chose to have Global Connections, Inc. manage your vacation property, and that was a smart move! A good property manager can manage every aspect of renting your home when you simply don’t have the time or desire to worry about all those details.

Here are some of the benefits you’re getting:

  1. Guaranteed Lease Option

    Global Connections makes sure you get paid whether your unit is used or not.

  2. Property Marketing, Hassle Free

    Global Connections takes care of your marketing needs – there are no calendars to manage for inbound bookings and no need to figure out how to get your property “out there”.

  3. Damage Billing

    Global Connections takes one more unpleasant task off your plate by tracking down any guest that has done damage to your property and subsequently securing payment for replacement.

  4. Exclusive Condo Specials

    Your partnership with Global Connections gets you special access to discounted condominium rentals so you can enjoy vacationing in more places.

    Travel the world with exclusive deals on Global Connections condominium vacations.

  5. Routine Inspections
    Global Connections top-notch staff at our corporate office takes care of inspecting your condo for wear and tear and damage. We also make sure all housekeeping and maintenance staff are giving your property superior service and handling.

Thank you for choosing Global Connections as your partner in property management! If you ever have any questions we can help you with, call our property management experts at 913-660-7887.