5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Shore Excursions

While there’s usually plenty to do on the cruise ship, one of the greatest joys of cruising is the opportunity to get off the boat for an exciting excursion.

According to one cruise excursion expert, preparedness and attitude will make all the difference between a great excursion and a disappointing one. Take a look so you can be ready for your next Global Connections Travel cruise!

“The most difficult thing to overcome when organizing these cruise shore excursions was variability. These factors ranged from weather conditions to traffic jams, guide personalities and abilities, communication in foreign lands, quality of transport, volumes of crowds, and those ‘sliding-door moments’ that can occur in these dynamics and have a butterfly effect on everything else.”
– Peter Kollar, Cruise Critic

Here is the wisdom Peter imparts to future cruisers about how to get the most out of cruise tours.

Go with the Flow

No matter how prepared in advance a tour may be, they rarely go exactly as planned. There will be variables that are simply out of anyone’s control. Peter says the most satisfied participants are the ones who just let go, went with the flow for the day and enjoyed those challenging moments as just another part of their adventure.

Dress in Layers

We hear it all the time, but this simple thing can heavily impact your experience. Transport, museums and palaces may be stuck at uncomfortably warm or cold temps. Having the ability to increase or reduce clothing layers solves most unpleasant temperature situations.

Carry Spare Change

There’s no telling when a pay toilet or other small currency issue will come along, and having change to access to little things that alleviate big hassles. It can even help with markets when the U.S. dollar bill is worth 10 times the amount of what you’re trying to purchase.

Speaking of which…Carry Spare Batteries

It’s recommended you carry spare camera batteries, especially in colder areas like Antarctica where batteries can be drained more quickly. There probably won’t be a convenience store nearby, either!

Carry a Postcard or Photo of a Cruise Ship

This is one of Peter’s cleverest suggestions. Carry a postcard (preferably from your ship) in case you are lost, have to get back to port and find yourself in a place where the language barrier is a problem. Pointing to the postcard of the ship to taxi drivers or someone in the street can help expedite the understanding. Likewise, a photo on your phone would also work.

There you have it – some excellent tips on preparing for you excursion both physically and mentally.

What do you think? Do you have tips for on-shore excursions? Share them in the comments.

The Insider: How to Get the Most Out of a Shore Excursion |  Cruise Critic

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