One Last Hot Dog Games!

The final Hot Dog Games was a great success! The event, held Wednesday, September 13, raised $300 for Next Step – Kansas City (formerly Project Walk), a nonprofit organization close to our hearts since our own past Vice President and paraplegic, Thomas Eddy, cofounded the state-of-the-art spinal cord injury recovery center

Global Connections employees in Overland Park prepared to watch a mighty battle by enjoying their hot dog luncheon provided by the Committee of Awesomeness (COA). This year, the COA got creative and handmade colored chalk bombs for the tributes to use as ammo in battle. COA President Liz S. stepped up bravely as the test target to see if our DIY project held up.

Our blue-stained hands were a success. Once the day of the Games came, organizers scattered 12 paint buckets throughout the battlefield (some buckets had chalk bombs and some served as decoy buckets with nada).

Our hype-woman/announcer, Victoria H., began the Hot Dog Games ceremony by introducing tributes, then it was on.

The colored chalk bombs flew every which way, along with a few surprise hot dogs from the roof top, compliments of Kyle L. and Brad M. (past tributes).

What the COA didn’t anticipate was the tributes’ resourceful ways, as some tributes used the empty buckets as shields. The final face-off featured District 10 tribute, Ryan B. (Condos), and newbie District 11 tribute, Jack G. (GSI Sports). But there could only be one triumphant tribute and Ryan Bier made his District proud.

Going with tradition, last year’s victor (Brad M.) handed the trophy to this year’s brave soul. Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in the Hot Dog Games. See the action for yourself by clicking here.