Jonah S.: International Man of Business

There’s no doubt the travel bug runs deep in this family. Travel Department Manager Lori S. says it’s always been a big part of her life, having taken many family vacations from an early age and even having traveled internationally with the Girl Scouts.

Lori’s son Jonah certainly inherited the same wanderlust. This fall, he started his freshman year of college at the University of Economics in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Lori says Jonah is the kind of guy who never meets a stranger. “He’s confident in everything he does, and doesn’t think there’s anything he can’t do. Jonah is very social – he really enjoys meeting new people.”

Carrying on the family tradition of travel, Jonah has been taken on many travels since he was a baby, and in high school he did that thing we all think we might do, but most of us don’t – he went backpacking through Europe on his own for four months.

“I think that time spent in Europe got Jonah interested in the cultures there,” Lori said.

Jonah got his associates degree in General Sciences at Johnson County Community College, and while many of his peers were looking at KU or Kansas State next, Jonah knew he wanted something different.

Today, Jonah’s plan is to turn the cultural interest sparked during that backpacking expedition into a career. Majoring in international business and languages, Jonah hopes to eventually train professionals on how to conduct business in other countries, from navigating different cultures to speaking the language.

With five years of French studies under his belt already, Jonah is now studying both Czech and German languages.

“I’m really proud of how he turned out. He’s a level-headed young man who thinks things through and  makes good choices. And he’s friendly with everyone,” Lori said.

Will Jonah be back in Kansas City for the holidays? Lori shakes her head “no”, but adds with a smile, “It’s OK. We already have two trips planned to visit him overseas.”

Best of luck to Jonah – we can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

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